Simplifying lives by Providing Doorstep Services & Empowering the Blue-collar Skilled Workers Through Respectable & Smart Earning

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Our Story

Simplifying lives through doorstep services

Pakistan has a population of over 207 million and total Available Market for home services is more than $400 Billion. People are in need of the day to day services at their offices and homes. They need electricians, plumbers, masons, gardeners, carpenters, housekeepers etc. It consumes time and effort to go in search of these service providers. We, in the form of Kardaan, are providing services at the doorstep of customers with the inclusion of technology.

Empowering the 65 million skilled workforces: All about Kardaan’s social impact

Pakistan’s Labour Force is estimated at 65 million with most of them either Unemployed or Under-employed (working less than 35 hrs / week and not being able to financially support their families). There is no single platform that can keep them connected virtually and enable them to earn as per their work and independently from a centralized system.

Keeping this in mind, we initiated an innovative solution in the form of Kardaan.

It is an online platform providing connectivity through mobile applications with the aim of empowering our labour force by providing them work opportunities, and provide convenience for domestic / corporate users to easily maintain their homes / offices.

The direct beneficiaries of this initiative are blue collar workers who will get empowered through a smart earning system which will in return impact their lives by minimizing poverty and improving their living standards. All the blue-collar workers residing in less developed or developed nations can easily adjust to this model and get on the road of empowerment.

Kardaan is empowering the blue collar skilled workers of It is enabling us not only to make lives easier but also bring smart & respectable earning opportunities to the blue-collar workers industry.

Why Kardaan?

Taking Kardaan (skilled workers) to respectable & smart earning

Tech based platform to connect nearby Kardaan (skilled workers) & customers

A wide range of services offered

What services Kardaan offers?

Kardaan is a digital platform through which you can connect directly with skilled technicians from various blue collar skilled sectors for any related jobs that you may need. We (have);

Kardaan’s Competitive Advantage

Fix Pricing

Fair and fix market prices save your time instead of conventional bargaining. This means you get quality work done in a fair price and you don’t get ripped off on something you know little to nothing about.

Quality Assurance

Our Apps are embedded with user ratings that ensure quality work is being done by our Kardaans. The work done is rechecked by our own qualified technicians’ team physically on site in case of low ratings by our customers and proper action is taken in accordance.


Our workers are thoroughly vetted and registered on their CNIC. This allows for a safer experience and trust between our Kardaans and customers.


No longer do you need to go to the market, find a technician and bargain for a price now that Kardaan has uberized the complete process for you.

Kardaan Founders

Kardaan is the materialization of the founders’ vision for their Tech Company, Codematics Inc. The vision to help rise Pakistan’s economy, create jobs through technology and drive the country’s Tech industry forward. Kardaan has resulted from consistent efforts of over 2 years by the team of Codematics Inc., including intense research & development, designing, surveys and market testing. The ultimate goal of the founders behind Kardaan is to empower our blue collar coummunity by Uberizing the estimated 65 million labor workforce of Pakistan, which amounts to 1/3rd of the total population.
Malik Ahsan Ali

Malik Ahsan Ali


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Hammad Lodhi


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Waseem Javed