We all know that technological advancements have transformed workplaces all over the world, specifically the white-collar workforce has got many advantages from it. But what role does technology play when it comes to the blue-collar workforce? What about the handymen that include carpenters, welders, plumbers, electricians, or any other workers who deal with heavy machinery or those who don’t sit the entire day in front of computers at all? How will they be benefitted from the technological advancements being made around the world? In today’s article, we’ll have a look at how different startups or companies have helped blue-collar workers earn a decent living.

From the past ten years, it is seen that the corporate world is in a state of continuous change. Whether it is automation, digital platforms, technological advancements, and various innovations, all have played a vital role in changing the fundamental nature of work. The work which used to be done before with the use of hands and physical labor now is done in a few minutes with the help of software tools. But these advancements in technology have only helped the white-collar sector to work and earn easier and to be able to progress at the same pace as the rest of the world. While the blue-collar workers that mainly include handymen have been left behind as there hasn’t been made much advancement in technology that uplifts them in such an era of innovation.

Although many mobile apps like Foodpanda, Uber, Careem, etc have helped daily wagers earn a respectable way of living, still we don’t see any advancements in technology or mobile apps being made for the daily wagers like carpenters, welders, electricians, gardeners, etc so that they can also be benefitted by the ever-developing technology. 

In this regard, a startup named Kardaan has done a great job by providing handymen with a platform through which they can earn a decent living. Kardaan is a mobile app through which users can avail trusted, verified, and skilled handymen services within just a few clicks. In this way, Kardaan app users also get their work done without going out for hours in search of a handyman and the handymen (blue-collar workers) also don’t have to stay out of their homes in search of work. All these handymen have to do is download the worker-side app version of Kardaan and whenever a user places an order on the app, a notification is received, and they reach out for work at the desired location.  Kardaan, a Codematics initiated startup, in short, is a platform that aims to empower the blue-collar sector of Pakistan so that they can earn for themselves more respectably and provide for their families. Through Kardaan, handymen can offer their skills while using technology in a very reliable and easy way and this startup’s aim is majorly to uplift the blue-collar sector of Pakistan that has been left behind and has not benefited from technology according to their living standards in an era of technological advancements.