It takes skill, experience and quite the talent to make beauty. To make something captivating and eye catching, something that makes a statement not just about ‘who’ made it but also about who ‘owns’ it. Kardaan App doesn’t just require skill and experience from carpenters who want to register with us, the most important requirement for Kardaan carpenters is the artistic talent that goes into the making of masterpieces.

Your furniture should be its maker’s pride

We believe that furniture needs to add value to the beauty of homes, it needs to add value to the professionalism in offices, it needs to add value to the comfort of hospitals, it needs to add value to where ever it is placed… Like it originally was, in the form of a beautiful tree, a form of ‘life’ itself, a blessing from the creator. We believe that furniture too adds to life, furniture spends the most time in a home so there are memories that it becomes part of, it becomes part of the family and when you see it after a long time you feel nostalgic.

Our mission:

Alkhamdulillah it is our duty to find such carpenters that agree with us and we will work hard to convince those who do not. Carving is artistic thing to do, there is time, sweat and a careful thought process behind it. Our customers can acquire carpenters through placing an order on Kardaan App and rate their work like they’re rating artists and other customers can know their options.

Order process:

When you place an order, it will be transmitted to all carpenters in your vicinity. They will accept the order and Kardaan App will guide them towards your location. After the order is completed (Time of completion and pricing depends entirely on the nature of work required), you can rate them according to your level of satisfaction. Let’s give these artists a chance to earn, a chance to feel proud of their work and receive recognition through a platform that is especially designed around them. Place your orders, through Kardann App.