Kardaan App – What you need to know about it

Kardaan is a ‘Farsi’ word for handymen. Kardaan App and the name of the company is a tribute created by Codematics.Inc for our blue collar worker community who are by far the hardest working people among our society. These people are the lifeblood of our country, they contribute so much in sheer effort yet their living conditions are mostly less fortunate.

Our Service Providers

This skilled community amounts to 1/3rd (60 Million) of Pakistan’s TOTAL population. Kardaan App is an initiative directed towards the empowerment of a huge part of our population which (when uplifted) is then going to make a significant impact on the economy of our beloved country Pakistan.

It is an earning platform for such people who are working in a specific field which is their specialty (Like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, cleaners and other such handymen) and earn through providing their services on our platform. Customers can connect directly with service providers through our online Apps for whatever services they need.

Our Customers

Whenever our customers need any assistance (For example A gardener for their beautiful Lawn), they can place an order through our App and all nearby Gardeners will receive the order. As our customer, you no longer have to face the hassle of searching for service providers, because Kardaan App delivers services to your doorsteps.

How to Use Kardaan App:

Kardaan has two separate Apps, one for the service providers to receive orders and another for its customers to place orders.

  • The customer uses Kardaan App to place an order.
  • The order is broadcasted to any and all nearby relevant service providers who accept the order and are guided towards customer location.
  • Upon reaching customer location, they can call the customer or notify the customer through Kardaan App.
  • Customer receives the service provider and the problem they are having is diagnosed and fixed.
  • Customer pays the amount displayed to them on Kardaan App via cash or available e-payment systems.

And voila! The order is completed.

Set an Appointment

Using Kardaan App, customers can also communicate with service providers and set a later appointment most suitable for them. The time required to complete the order depends on the nature of work required. For example; an electric fan replacement or fitting may take close to an hour or less but a paint job for three rooms may take up to two days.

Kardaan App Availability

Currently, Kardaan App is limited to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and it’s in the Beta Testing Phase. Soon, an official launch is going to be carried out throughout Pakistan.

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