The Vision behind Kardaan

The Idea for Kardaan App came into being as a step towards a simpler and broader goal, Uplift Pakistan’s economy one step at a time through various different avenues using technology and sheer will! Codematics.Inc has been working hard towards making that idea into a reality through multiple other products, one of which (Universal TV Remote Control) has over 80 Million Users in 130+ countries.

The Idea for Kardaan App came into being through a simple fact from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. The fact that there are over 60 MILLION people living in Pakistan today who belong to the blue collar community (Blue collar labor workforce). Team Codematics brainstormed for a way to uplift and empower 1/3rd of Pakistan and arrived at a solution by the name of Kardaan.

Since then, Codematics.Inc has been directly involved in making this idea into reality i.e. Kardaan App’s successful implementation from paper to the market. We are happy to report that Kardaan App is now LIVE and in the market.

Kardaan Vision & Mission

Kardaan App accomplishments so far

  • Development of Customer Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Development of Master Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Development of Admin Panel for operational control
  • Incubated at the National Incubation Center Islamabad (NIC ki website link embedded)
  • Won the Jazzxlr8/Veon startup competition (Jazzxlr8 ki website link embedded)
  • Went live (Beta Version) on September 19th, 2019 in Islamabad and Rawalpindi (App download links)
  • 1500+ downloads within two days!
  • Testing done on multiple real orders

Kardaan App has been discussed and appreciated on a global scale in Oslo, Norway at the Oslo Innovation Week and Pak Tech Summit 2019. Managing Director Malik Ahsan Ali & CEO Hammad Lodhi were invited to attend Oslo Innovation week and Pak Tech Summit 2019. They also shared the success story of having 80+ million App users & the #CSR projects undertaken to make Pakistan economically strong & empower it’s youth.

Oslo Event Norway

Upcoming Milestones:

JazzCash Integration and multiple other e-payment systems (JazzCash ki app download link embedded)

Official Launching and expansion towards other cities

Registering the largest workforce in Pakistan (Uplift our blue collar community little by little)

Expansion towards the Asia Pacific Region (Codematics.Inc is also a strategic partner for Google in the Asia Pacific Region) and towards the Middle East. Expansion towards European Nations and other subcontinents

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