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Electricity is a marvelous thing to have, our daily lives are dependent on electricity so much these days that any problem that occurs if it leads to no electricity-chaos isn’t far away! We know our what our customers value and we are focused on letting our customers now that if ever they do face such a problem, they will have the quickest way to access an electrician through Kardaan App.

Customer safety

Electricity is a very powerful thing, not everyone can handle it. That is why it is best to stay away from fixing it yourself as there is no price you can put on a human life and sadly, many lives have lost due to high voltage electrical shocks. It’s a pretty dangerous thing if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Kardaan App is making our customers safe by discouraging them away from taking matters into their own hands, electricity is extremely dangerous and the chances of a mishap are very high without proper tools, knowledge and experience.

Safety of our customers and their families is high and dear to us, which is why we recommend all our customers who have children at their homes to child proof their home completely in order to prevent any unfortunate incident.

Only the Best

Kardaan App is highly motivated to find competent electrical service providers to register with Kardaan and it is our highest priority that the electricians registering on Kardaan App are highly experienced people with ample knowledge and character.

With Kadaan App, you can place an order for an electrician regarding any electrical services that you may need whether it is for;

  • Fault diagnosis
  • Wiring Repairs
  • New fitting
  • Decorative fitting
  • Maintenance
  • Child proofing
  • Custom UPS with installation (Or only installation)
  • Generator installation
  • Appliances installation

Etc. If you have ANY electrical work that needs to be done, just download Kardaan App and place an order. Kardaan will provide services at your doorstep-As promised!

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