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Drain blockages, burst pipes in winter, instant water geysers, water tank installation, water tank cleaning, water pressure, automatic washing machine installation, bathroom accessories, etc. are all just a few of the things that Kardaan plumbers can do for our customers. Kardaan App is highly dedicated to provide solution services that are ready even before the problems actually happen.

So the next time you are facing a clogged sink with water dripping slowly or a burst pipe blowing everything everywhere, all you need to do is relax! Kardaan has got you covered. Just download Kardaan App and place an order for whatever plumbing task you need done and leave it to us. Instead of going out looking for a plumber, Kardaan App will look for a plumber and have him waiting at your doorstep in no time.

Order process:

When an order is placed using Kardaan App, your order will be transmitted in a specific radius throughout your nearby area alerting all registered plumbers in your vicinity. Kardaan plumber will accept the order and through Kardaan App, he will be guided towards your doorstep with the necessary tools required for the job.

Upon reaching your destination, the site will be inspected and all necessary material required will be assessed and noted. If there is some material required, Kardaan plumber can provide it for you or you can provide it yourself depending upon your preference. After the work is complete, you are encouraged to fully verify the quality of work done. If you are satisfied with the order, you will receive instructions to proceed towards completing your order through Kardaan App.


We are dedicated to registering competent, experienced and skillful plumbers for our customers and our only concern is quality assurance! Our team will take your testimonials as soon as the job is finished so that you can register any concerns you may have. Your feedback is very valuable to us, through it we strive to make our services even better.

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