Order through Kardaan App, reach out to your nearby handyman and get your work done without ANY hassle!

Kardaan is a Farsi word used to describe a handyman or a skilled person. In the world of digitization, our blue collar labor has been left behind, Kardaan aims to empower them so that they can earn for themselves in a more respectable manner and provide for their families.



This skilled community amounts to 1/3rd (65 Million) of Pakistan’s TOTAL population. Kardaan App is an initiative directed towards the empowerment of a huge part of our population which (when uplifted) is then going to make a significant impact on the economy of our beloved country Pakistan.

It is an earning platform for such people who are working in a specific field which is their specialty (Like electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, cleaners and other such handymen) and earn through providing their services on our platform. Customers can connect directly with service providers through our online Apps for whatever services they need.


We verify and register the service providers after intense security because customer care and security is most importance to us.
With Kardaan App, you can place an order for;
Keep your family safe! Take extra pre-caution if you’re having electricity issues, lives are precious; Kardaan Electricians are at your service…
Water is crucial for human survival, every drop saved by every person matters. Any leaky pipes around your home or office? Kardaan Plumbers are there to fix
A/C Technician
A/C not working in a hot summer noon? You’re A/C might just need a service. Find out with Kardaan A/C Techincians!
Give your old furniture a fresh and polished look. Appreciate your memories with Kardaan; Kardaan Carpenters are there to help!
Maintain your beautiful Garden or get one made or your rooftop. Kardaan Gardener is here for you!
Who doesn’t love the feeling of looking at the freshly painted walls of their room? Kardaan Painters; ready when you are!

Confirm Location

Confirm you current location or choose another location from Kardaan App based on where ever you need to get your work done.

Choose who you need

Choose a category according to the services you need.

Place your order

Check the empty square boxes on the left of listed jobs to select them. Once you have selected the jobs that you need done, place your order.

Get connected

Your order will be accepted by one of our Kardaans nearby you, who will contact you for further details before arriving at your specified location.

Reviews and Feedback

Your honest feedback would really help improve our services for you in the future, you can submit your valuable feedback through Kardaan App at the end of your order.
We work ‘round the clock’ to ensure and maintain the highest possible quality standards!
When you place an order on Kardaan App, our goal is to have you as our long term customer. Which is why, any work done by Kardaan registered Handymen will ensure the highest standard of quality. In case an issue arises later on, you can count on our team
Kardaan App allows you to rate the Handyman doing work for you. Which means you rate them according to the quality of work done, time taken to do what is required (Least possible time taken in proportion to the quality of work done) and their work ethic
Your feedback matters to us. Whatever issues you may face regarding our services (Technical issue, Payment issue, Worker related issue etc.), remember that we are there to listen! Our customer support team looks forward to hearing from you. Also; your appreciation

Mohammad Arsalan-Plumber

Plumbers sometimes have to work in extreme conditions and in places that are nothing short of a nightmare for germophobes.

Mohammad Ali-Carpenter

Carpentering is an Art that requires immense skill and patience. Crafting wonders out of wood is genius and mesmerizing.

Mohammad Tasawar-Painter

Painting ceilings and outdoor walls of multiple story buildings isn’t for the faint of heart.

Sajjad Ahmad-Gardener

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. ‘Audrey Hepburn’ That smile certainly speaks of such hope!


Project of Codematics Services Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of Empowering the Skilled Workers of Pakistan
Kardaan is the materialization of the founders’ vision for their Tech Company, Codematics Services Pvt. Ltd. The vision to help rise Pakistan’s economy, create jobs through technology and drive the country’s Tech industry forward. Kardaan has resulted from consistent efforts of over 2 years by the team of Codematics Services Pvt. Ltd, including intense research & development, designing, surveys and market testing. The ultimate goal of the founders behind Kardaan is to empower our blue collar coummunity by Uberizing the estimated 65 million labor workforce of Pakistan, which amounts to 1/3rd of the total population.
Visit our blogs for more insight into Kardaan.

Kardaan is a mobile app

Kardaan is a mobile apps platform through which you can directly connect with nearby skilled service providers (Electrician, Plumbers, Carpenter, Painter, Helper, AC Technician, Mason etc) in your area and get your work done Instantly. Launching Soon in the twin...

Kardaan is a digital platform

Kardaan is a digital platform through which you can directly connect with nearby skilled service providers in your area and get your work done. Launching Soon to twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Stay Tuned!...

Kardaan App-Carpenters – Service Providers

It takes skill, experience and quite the talent to make beauty. To make something captivating and eye catching, something that makes a statement not just about ‘who’ made it but also about who ‘owns’ it. Kardaan App doesn’t just require skill and experience from...

Kardaan – Empowering the Blue Collar Workforce of Pakistan

We all know that technological advancements have transformed workplaces all over the world, specifically the white-collar workforce has got many advantages from it. But what role does technology play when it comes to the blue-collar workforce? What about the handymen...

Kardaan App-Plumbers – Service Providers

Drain blockages, burst pipes in winter, instant water geysers, water tank installation, water tank cleaning, water pressure, automatic washing machine installation, bathroom accessories, etc. are all just a few of the things that Kardaan plumbers can do for our...

Kardaan App – What you need to know about it

Kardaan is a ‘Farsi’ word for handymen. Kardaan App and the name of the company is a tribute created by Codematics.Inc for our blue collar worker community who are by far the hardest working people among our society. These people are the lifeblood of our country, they...

Keep your Family safe in winters

Winter season has officially begun in all parts of Pakistan and due to the harsh winters, ever year a number of families lose their lives due to suffocation as they keep their gas heaters on for the whole night during sleep. The deaths occur due to the carelessness of...

Kardaan App-Electricians – Service Providers

Electricity is a marvelous thing to have, our daily lives are dependent on electricity so much these days that any problem that occurs if it leads to no electricity-chaos isn’t far away! We know our what our customers value and we are focused on letting our customers...

Which Service Provider are you Looking For??

Kardaan is a mobile apps Platform through which you can directly connect with nearby skilled service providers (Electrician, Plumbers, Carpenter, Painter, Helper, AC Technician, Mason etc) in your area and get your work done Instantly. Launching Soon in the twin...

The Vision behind Kardaan

The Idea for Kardaan App came into being as a step towards a simpler and broader goal, Uplift Pakistan’s economy one step at a time through various different avenues using technology and sheer will! Codematics.Inc has been working hard towards making that idea into a...